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Turn Strangers into Patients Faster

get qualified leads + paid consults for your cosmetic practice with instamate's price shopper + booking portals 

custom made to lower the time + cost of getting cosmetic surgery patients


go on, touch it

Capture more leads with a procedure price shopper that’s fun to tap.

This goes on your website. Try it.

Price Shopper Details

Studies show first-time patients waited years before pulling the trigger on cosmetic surgery. And unless you're Dr. Famous, getting on their radar can be expensive. So if a prospective patient is considering you — shouldn’t you make the most of the moment?

💡 Use instamate’s price shopping portal to convert curious web visits into cash-paying procedures. Here’s how:

Once the price shopper is on your website, prospective patients can pick cosmetic procedures and enter their contact details in exchange for instant pricing information. Prospects get instant estimates and you get leads.

✔ Very inviting + user-friendly space for prospects to learn about your cosmetic procedures

✔ Beautiful models capture attention

✔ Gauge when prospects are ready for surgery, so you can prioritize serious, ready-to-go leads and not waste time + energy with tire-kickers

✔ Customize with your brand's logo and colors

✔ Group procedures and sub-offerings in custom submenus

✔ Create unlimited instamate portals

✔ Put portals on any website, or use portals as self-hosted mini-sites to receive traffic from any channel — no embedding required

✔ Use done-for-you templates to quick-install popular procedures

✔ Add your own scheduling links and messaging to the customizable Thank You page

✔ Option to hide your pricing (and display custom Thank You page instead)

✔ Educate prospects with content in procedure info flyouts

✔ Beautiful on any device 😍

✔ Super fast load + clean code won’t slow down your site

✔ Seamless integration with your email autoresponder/EHR/CRM for easy list building and follow up.

✔ Seamless integration with instamate’s auto follow up, auto prequal and auto booking portals (see below)


keep convos going

Fresh texts + calls are forwarded to your practice's phone so PCCs can chat with prospects + close 'em hot without skipping a beat.

Call Management Details

Goodbye, bottlenecks. Hello, prospects.

instamate forwards incoming calls and texts so your team can respond to leads the moment they show interest. 

And from the convenience of your practice’s phone — no login needed to chat with prospects.

Plus, all communication is tracked. And all calls are recorded and (forever) stored for easy playback later.

Which lets you fast-track new employees, improve your sales and customer service processes, capture details easily missed, and monitor staff for HIPAA compliance.


autoqualify prospects

Collect pre-qualifying information, including medical history + photos, and get prospects consult-ready without lifting a finger. 

Auto Prequal Details

✔  Conserve resources and scale without adding cost by automating patient prequalification

✔ instamate collects: smoker status, history of medical conditions, age, weight, height, and patient photos

✔ instamate calculates BMI, checking against the recommended BMI of procedures, and will automatically approve prospects, or alert staff for a manual review (in case you can make an exception)

✔ CUSTOM form fields lets you capture ANY type of information

✔  Stellar user experience for prospective patients — makes sharing required information easy

✔  Integrated auto follow up ensures prospects complete prequal

✔ Unlimited data storage of patient information and photos

✔ HIPAA compliant

✔ Easily export data to your EHR


autoclose prospects

instamate takes prospective patients to next steps so they complete prequal and book their consult with you, even while you sleep.

Auto Follow Up Details

“The money’s in the follow up,” the sales adage goes. But most practices fail to follow up because they don’t have the resources or don’t know how. So what happens if you don't follow up?

You miss out on a fortune. 

Let’s say you’re losing one patient a day. And your average surgical procedure is $3000. 

Over 30 days, you lost $90,000.

In just one year, you missed out on $1,080,000 of potential revenue. Ouch. 

💡 Let instamate follow up for you.

Once leads are converted through instamate, they're sent a series of emails and texts wonderfully crafted to get them in front of you.

All messaging is constantly tested and refined through real-world user feedback across instamate’s vast network, ensuring the highest conversion rates.

That way, you never waste a lead and bank that fortune you might've missed.


autobook yourself out

Prospects can book consults, pay fees, choose doctors and procedures, all online, no PCC required.

Auto Booking Details

instamate simplifies complex scheduling without sweat, slip-ups, or thousands of dollars in labor—so you can widen your margins, and never worry about hiring help when prospering (or cutting staff in lean seasons).

✔ Gorgeous, easy-to-use interface

✔ Customizable to your brand

✔ Books consults for any size practice, single or multi-location

✔ Supports multiple unlimited practitioners with varying schedules and specialties so prospective patients are matched with the right one

✔ Auto accepts consult registration fees for you, so you attract serious clientele, prevent no shows, and get paid for every minute whether prospects show up or not, because time is moolah, baby


track + smash your targets

Everything. Under control. Be all seeing + knowing + doing with instamate's smashboard.

Smashboard Details

Govern all leads, data and instamate portals like a smooth operator and unlock the true potential of your sales engine.

✔ Reports with clear KPIs cut to the heart of the matter

✔ Exportable data lets you uncover the nitty-gritty

✔ Easily manage each prospect, track all throughout your sales pipeline, and advance the best ones to your bottomline

✔ Make, edit, organize your instamate portals and users according to your specific needs

And Voila. More patients, less time + cost.

*Convert 100 leads per month at no cost, forever, using instamate's price capture + auto follow up portals. Auto prequal + auto booking are not included in offer. Offer valid for registrants who sign up during prelaunch.


Is this HIPAA compliant?

You better believe it. Just like you, we take patient data protection very seriously - instamate is designed to be HIPPA compliant.

How does instamate work?

instamate is an embeddable web app designed to deliver qualified first-time patients to your door. It creates a portal for prospective patients to easily choose cosmetic procedures of interest, complete a pre-qualification form, and book a consultation, all in one place.

Prospective cosmetic patients enter a series of inputs, including name, contact info, gender, problem area, and the specific procedure(s) they’d like to have done, in exchange for (optional) pricing and consultation booking information.  

They will also be directed to complete a pre-qualification form that includes health information and photos.

You’ll have access to all of these insights before they come through your door, and without any patient care coordinators lifting a finger.

Can it handle multiple locations?

Yes – instamate can handle multiple locations and plastic surgeons, even with varying specialities.

What does it take to set it up?

instamate is an embeddable web application, so it can be added to your existing site and/or set up as it’s own site (whatever you prefer).

You can create as many instamate portals as you want.

And don’t worry about coding. We set everything up for you on the backend.

All you need to provide is your brand logo, colors, and links to your services. We’ll take it from there, and create your customized platform.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. But you won't want to ☺️

What’s with the name?

instamate [ Pronounced Instəmət ] is short for “instant estimate.”

We know, we know – at first glance, the name kind of looks like a dating app. But the only thing we’re matching here is your cosmetic surgery practice with the most qualified patients. 

Did we miss something? Feel free to drop a message at or on Instagram.

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